UCCS Vision And Software Technology Laboratory

ENPT100 Intro. to Entrepreneurship

Fall 2009 Section 1 Tues 10:50-1:30 or Section 2 Wed 10:50:1:30 BI Lab SNG A206

Grading Policy
Student pages/projects
Lecture Notes


Prof. Terry Boult         Nina Polok

TB: 719 963 0573 (Cell on ATT)
255-3510 (forwards to cell)
TB: T 2-3, W 2-3 in EAS 174 & By appointment           NP: By appointment

Course Objectives

This course will introduce the students to the process and stages of entrepreneurship, especially for high-innovation entrepreneurship. Students will be able to state a value proposition, analyze strength and weakness of an opportunity, manage basic risk/opportunity equations, and assess a business opportunity, construct a financial plan, and construct a rudimentary business plan.

Other objectives include:

Textbooks and other readings

Class Participation and Grading

Teams (and team grading)

Teams will be organized by sign-up. Initial teams will generally be 4 students (but may vary depending at instructors discretion), until the "down select", when those members of teams that don't make the initial funding cut will be redistributed to other teams. Every team project will call for a group report as well as a shorter individual report for each team member. Each team assignment will be given a total number of points. Based on the teams reports, each team will receive a total number of points. These points will be shared, NOT NECESSARILY EQUALLY, among team members. The individual report for a teach should address your contribution to the team and how you feel the teams grade should be divided and why. Long term teams will be able to "fire" members (based on a process to be described in class). Fired student may find them selves on a team of 1 or 2.


We expect students to devote an average of 6-7 hours per week OUTSIDE OF CLASS on the work for this class. When working on brainstorming or other activities its difficult to estimate how much effort some student will need to spend to achieve the results. Ineffective team work can dramatically expand an hour exercise into much more.

A few lectures will have "guest" speakers who will present and then we will lead the discussion of issues. Other classes will be lead by you, the students. If reading is assigned, come to class having done the reading. We are generally not going to "summarize it" for you, rather we will discuss it or do things using it.

Outline and Schedule

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Tue Class Date Wed Class Date Reading/Topics Assignments Due
August 25/26August 25/26 Chapter 1
Introduction / Class Objectives
Entrepreneur Quiz
"Resume" posting due by Aug 31
September 1/2September 1/2 Chapters 2-3
Business Opportunities, Summary and Competitive Advantage
"Resume" posting due by Aug 31
September 8 NO CLASS - Labor Day
September 9 Guest Speaker
There WILL Be a quiz on Chapters 1-3 and Guest speaker will write question for the Wed Midterm.
Both class have to finalize teams by Sept 9
September 15 September 16 Chapters 4-5
Creating a Bus. Strategy and Innovation Strategies
Five Value Proposition / Business Model Ideas with
1 low risk, 1 low tech, 1 high tech, 2 other are your choice)
September 22 September 23 Chapters 6 & 7
Risk and Return Venture, Creation and the Business Plan
SWOT Analysis of 5 Ideas, 3 detail, 2 fast
September 29 September 30 Chapter 17
The Financial Plan
Refined Idea list, Risk analysis for ideas
October 6October 7 Chapter 19
Presenting the Plan and Negotiating the Deal
Team Assessments
October 13October 14 Initial Businness Presentations First Pitch slides emailed before 9am day of class
October 20October 21 MID-TERM EXAM
October 27October 28 Chapter 11 & 16
Sales, Marketing, Profit and Harvest
Presentation Review/Critique (due for both classes before break)
November 3November 4 Chapters 8 9 First half of 10
Independent Versus Corporate Ventures, Knowledge Legal Formation,
Sales/Marketing Plan rough draft
November 10November 11 Chapter Rest of 10, 12, 13
Intellectual Property, Enterprise Organization and Acquiring, Organizing, and Managing Resources
Corporate structure plan/analysis
November 17November 18 Chapter 14,15
Management of Operations, Acquisitions, Mergers, and Global Business
Company Structure, IP plan and Revised Financial Plan due
November 24 Guest Speaker     There WILL Be a quiz on Chapters 14,15 and Guest speaker will write question for the Tues Final. Bus. Plan. Paper Draft 1 Due for both teams
December 1December 2 Chapters 18,19
Sources of Capital. Review Presentating the plan and Results from first pitch
Bus. Plan. Paper Draft 2 Due
December 8December 9 Business Plan. Presentations Pitch PPT and Plan Doc due by email before 9am day of class
December 15December 16 FINAL EXAM FINAL EXAM


Second Team assignment, due Sept 9:

You are to turn in a 1-1 page document with your team member full contact information, majors and areas of expertise plus for each team member a 1-2 sentence description of at least 1 business idea from each team member. The documents are due, electronically by 5pm Sept 9 emailed to entp-coaches @ vast.uccs.edu

Second Team assignment, due Sept 15/16:

You are to develop five (5) Business ideas with a short statement of their Value Proposition and address the first 3 items of defining its Business Model from Table 3.8 in the book (customer selection, Value proposition and differentiation and control). You should explicitly describe the competitive advantage and value proposition. The 5 ideas must include one low risk, one low tech, one high tech, two other are your choice.

For each idea we expect a 1 page description, with each team members name on it (look at word's header/footer functions). All 5 ideas in one document. The documents are due, in office 2003 (i.e. doc format), electronically BEFORE class (we'll use some in class) emailed to entp-coaches @ vast.uccs.edu