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Inov101 The Innovation Process

Spring 2008 Wed 10:50-1:30, Engineering Room 101

Grading Policy
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Prof. Terry Boult        

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Course Objective

This course will introduce the students to the process and stages of innovation. Students will be able to:

Other objectives include:


These will probably NOT be in the bookstore, you can find them cheaper online, (even including shipping). Free, Required: Recommended (not required) Additional Reading (goes deeper than the above, can help if they are too dense or if you want to knwo more):

Class Participation and Grading

Teams (and team grading)

Teams will be organized by assignment (not student choice). Every team project will call for a group report as well as a shorter individual report for each team member. Each team assignment will be given a total number of points. Based on the teams reports, each team will receive a total number of points. These points will be shared, NOT NECESSARILY EQUALLY, among team members. The individual report for a teach should address your contribution to the team and how you feel the teams grade should be divided and why. Long term teams assignments, if there are any, will allow teams to able to "fire" members, if they document significnt ineffective memerbship and that they tried to get the individual to change their behiavor. Fired student may find themselves on a team of 1 or 2.


We expect students to devote an average of 6-7 hours per week OUTSIDE OF CLASS on the work for this class. When working on brainstorming or other activities its difficult to estimate how much effort some student will need to spend to achieve the results. Ineffective team work can dramatically expand an hour exercise into much more.

A few lectures will have "guest" speakers who will present and then we will lead the discussion of issues. Other classes will be lead by you, the students. If reading is assigned, come to class having done the reading. We are generally not going to "summarize it" for you, rather we will discuss it or do things using it.

Outline and Schedule

Date Reading/Topics Assignments Due
Jan 23 Introduction / Class Objectives

Before class read Chap 1-3 of PERMANENT INOVAT!ON, by Landgon Morris
Jan 30 Innovation Stratagey and Ideation Chap 4 & 5 of PERMANENT INOVAT!ON
Feb 6 Targeting/Valuating and Market Development Chap 6,7,8 of PERMANENT INOVAT!ON
Feb 13 Culture, Inrasture and Sustaining Innovation Rest of PERMANENT INOVAT!ON
Feb 20
Personality And Teaming (links above)
Feb 27
Seeds of Innovation Parts 1 and 2
Mar 5
Mar 12
no added Reading
Mar 19 Midterm Exam
Mar 26 Spring Break
Apr 2 Remainder Seeds of Innovation
Apr 9 HBR first 3 "chapters"
Apr 16 Reread HBR 1, and Value Innovatoin Exercises
Apr 23 The Medici Effect (parts 1/2)
Apr 30 Rest of Medici Effect
May 7 More of HBR
May 14 Final Exam