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    Terrance E. Boult is El Pomar Endowed Chair of Innovation and Security and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs . Dr. Boult was the visionary behind the unique Bachelor of Innovation Family of degrees , and actively teaches mostly in that program.

Dr. Boult runs the Vision and Security Technology Lab (VAST lab) where my students and I are doing projects in Security including Machine learning, Computer vision, surveillance, biometrics, and general projects in computer vision. We have two ongoing NSF project, and smaller amounts of funding from a few companies.

Dr. Boults work with The El Pomar Institute for Innovation and Commercialization through which I work with many local and student companies. For example I am working with students on their companies/products such as the fun and novel card game Roarstack , to parking analytics LotSpot.

My wife (Ginger) and I moved closer to campus so I now ride/walk to campus. While I work hard, I play hard -- I really enjoying the Colorado boarding and the "air"


Contact Information

Prof. Terry Boult Email (preferred form of contact): tbo...@vast.uccs.edu
Phone 719 255 3510 (office)     719 255 3900 (lab)   719 963 0573 (cell)
Office Location/Hours : ENGR 174: As posted in syllabus and by appointment
Fall 2018 Teaching: CS6000, CS2300, INOV2010/INOV3010/INOV4010

I have an office in EAS, and spends lots of time in the vast lab (EAS149). Also through my role in EPIIC, I have lots of meetings off campus. Finding me by dropping in is a low probably event. Try to arrange a meeting by email.

Note that I run a pretty aggressive spam filter, if you don't get a response to email with 48hours, try again and add the word "innovation" to your subject line.

Short Bio

Dr. Boult is the El Pomar Endowed Professor of Innovation and Security at U.Colorado Colorado Springs and the co-founder and CEO/CTO of Securics Inc. With more than a dozen patents, 300+ papers and ~8500 citations to his work, his is an established international expert on computer vison, biometrics and cybersecurity. Over his academic career he has received more than $30M in research funding, with $15M more in his companies. He received his BS in Applied Math (1983) MS in CS (1984) and Ph.D. in Computer CS (1986) from Columbia University and then spent six years as an Assistant Prof and two years as an Assoc. Prof in Columbia's CS Department. He moved from Columbia to Lehigh (1994-2003) where he was an endowed professor and eventually founded the Lehigh CS department. He joined UCCS in 2003 as an El Pomar Professor. Over his career he has won 2 teaching awards, multiple research/innovation awards, best paper awards, best reviewer awards, and IEEE service awards. He is a member of the IEEE Golden Core and has been an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer and in 2017 was elected as an IEEE Fellow. Dr. Boult is the founder, primary architect, and co-director of the UCCS Bachelor of Innovation Family of Degrees. This awarding family of degrees combines a core of innovation and entrepreneurship with a significant multi-year "team emphasis" and all the rigor of bachelor degrees in their fields. Innovation is not just what he teaches; Dr. Boult is an inventor and serial entrepreneur that has been involved with multiple startup companies with widely deployed software and technology. Three of these companies were moderately successful, each earning $7-10Million in revenue and were either acquired or are still in business. His most recent, Securics Inc, was in the biometrics and security space with unique privacy-enhanced biometric technologies and multiple government contracts. in 2016 Dr. Boult closed down the company and licensed Securics' IP/technology, so he could spend more time working with innovation teams at the university Dr. Boult's unique position as an El Pomar Chair, part of the El Pomar Institute for Innovation and Commercialization, provides release time, so he works with companies and local community groups using advanced technology to address societies needs. Working in in part with BI students they have helped bring more than 12Million in R&D funding to the region. As an El Pomar Chair, he also works with multiple student startups.


I championed, designed and help shepherd the Bachelor of Innovation family of degrees through the CU approval process and am passionate about it. Note: my official teaching load at UCCS is 1 course per term. I teach more, often much more, than my jobs requires, because it is important and I enjoy it. In addition to the standard courses here I usually teach 1-3 students in independent study courses per term as well as supervising 8-10 students in dissertation credits. The BI has a unique teaching model with co-teachers keeping student faculty ratio good while having larger sections will more importantly bring multiple points of view in each class,

I designed and co-teach a wide range of courses in the BI including:

  1.    Intro. to Entrepreneurship (ENTP1000) The first course in the Bachelor of Innovation family of degrees. This is a freshman course on entrepreneurship, with a slant toward technology-based entrepreneurship.
  2.    Intro. to the Innovation Process (INOV101) The second course in the Bachelor of Innovation family of degrees. This is a freshman course on the innovation process, explaining how to transform ideas into impact.
  3.    Intro. to Technical and Proposal Writing and Presentation (INOV210) The third course in the Bachelor of Innovation family of degrees, student advance their writing skills, including writing proposal for real money. They also improve their oral presentation and persuasion skills.
  4.    Business and Intellectual Property Lab (BLAW2010). This is a course covering basic issues of law, from Torts to contracts, as well as intellectual property law including patents and the construction of patents claims. All students work on teams to draft and put together a full patent application. Multiple actual patents (all still pending) have been filed based on the class work.
  5.    Innovation Teams (INOV2010, INOV3010, INOV4010) The teams course in the Bachelor of Innovation family of degrees. This is a sophomore/junior/senior team course on applying the innovation process and supporting external customers.
  6.    ENTP4500 Entrepreneurship and Strategy The BI capstone course where students combine their learning from the innovation core, plus their major, to develop a venture with real impact.


I developed and taught novel gradate innovation related courses:


I have also developed and taught multiple Computer Science courses:

Biographical information

Dr. Boult, El Pomar Endowed Chair of Innovation and Security and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Colorado Spring where his role includes help drive innovation through the unique Bachelor of Innovation degrees as well working with faculty and local companies to develop and transfer technology in the Springs area. Since joining UCCS in 2003 Dr. Boult' partner companies,including his own companies, have been awarded over 12Million in SBIR/STTR funding. In addition he brought more than $10Million in research funding to UCCS.

Before joining UCCS he was the Weiseman Chair Professor and the New Century Fund Professor of Computer Science in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Lehigh University, where he was the founding chairman of the CSE department. Dr. Boult was on the faculty of Columbia University from 1986 (Associate Prof. 1992-1994) before joining Lehigh in 1994. He studied at Columbia University, earning his MS and PhD degrees in computer science in 1984 and 1986 respectively.

Dr. Boult has been the organizer of dozens related conferences/workshops for IEEE, including both biometrics and embedded systems, as well as invited speaker on biometrics for ASIS and at the NIST Biometric Quality Workshop. He has served as the chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (2006-2010), and was a founding member of the IEEE Biometric Council and served as VP for conferences then VP for education. He was a co-founder of the Computer Vision Foundation and serves as their Treasurer.

Dr. Boult has published over 300 papers with more than 7000 citations. He holds 13 patents, with 6 patents pending. He publishes in Computer Vision/Robotics as well as in Networking and Mobile Computing. He has been the co-organizer of multiple workshops of visual surveillance, performance evaluation of tracking systems, and computer vision related topics, and has been on program committees for more than a two dozen IEEE and SPIE conferences and workshops on computer vision and sensor fusion.

Dr. Boult's ongoing research projects include advanced biometrics , advanced visual security systems, design and evaluation of imaging sensors, FPGA-acceleration algorithms for Vision, Embedded systems, algorithms for efficient use of wireless networks, Network performance, network security, steganslysis, medical imaging, and Web-based support systems for Trauma patients.

Recent Entrepreneurial Activities

Dr Boult was the Co-founder, CEO/CTO of Securics Inc (www.securics.com), which is addressing security and biometrics technology. Since its founding in 2004, Securics has been actively commercializing technology developed by Dr. Boult at UCCS and has won multiple SBIR/STTRs as well as multiple commercial contracts. Securics technology was deployed in operational regions and licensed to large contractors. Securics was selected by the US Military to develop a long-range facial recognition system using Securics unique technology. Securics stopped seeking contracts in 2013 and, ceased operations and sold off its IP in 2016 so Dr. Boult could devote more time to the Bachelor of Innovation family of degrees.

From 2002-2004, Dr. Boult was the founding the Chief Technology officer for GuardianSolutions Inc, where he helped to develop the leading video-based intelligent security systems sold to some of the largest ports in the country, the financial institutions, large pharmaceutical companies, as well developing unique portable systems for the the Military and boarder patrol. GuardianSolutions, (dba Jtech) was acquired by Telephonics, a subsidiary of Griffon Corporation (NYSE: GFF).

From 1998 to present Dr. Boult has been working with Cyclovison (now doing business as Remote Reality ), where he continues to pursue joint contracts and help in automated analysis of their unique 360 imaging technology. Remote Reality is a venture backed company which is the leading designer and manufacturer of next-generation intelligent omni video systems (IOVS). Major customers include the US Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin.

For more details consult my vitae /resume in html. Note this include links to some on-line papers and is usually somewhat up to to date.

Some personal Information

I dabble a bit in many things when I am not in the lab working. I enjoy scuba diving, skiing, snow boarding and poetry, frequently and less frequently I enjoy baking (decorating mostly), board games, cooking, golf, racket sports. I'm even decent at a few of these, e.g. I placed first in the 1991-1992 Budweiser/NASTAR All-star ranking for New Jersey skiers in the 30-39 age bracket with a time was just 5\% behind that posted by the NASTAR National Pace-setter, U.S. Olympian Matt Grosjean. I've moved more into boarding now, something I highly recommend for anyone who wants to have fun at places that no longer challenge them when they are on skis. I've also done well boarding in the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge, e.g. First place out of 9 in my age group at the 1/21/06 event, and third fastest boarder in any age group) At just about any major vision conference I'll be trying to find a way to hit the slopes or go scuba-diving so if you'll be there too, send me some mail---its always better with a buddy.

For poetry/prose that reflects my philosophy try:

For poetry/prose of others authors that I like you can try:

If you want to sample some of my own poetry I offer some recent or published ones: And a few of my older ones:

I'm also play a bit of Table Tennis. I picked it up again in 2004 since El Pomar, who funded my Chair, also sponsors the Colorado State games. In the 2006 Colorado State games, I took silver in the recreational singles (left) from a field over 16 participants, took bronze in the single over 40, and bronze in the recreational double (middle) with Tao Zhang a postdoc in the VAST Lab. In the 2005 State Games of Americia my partner Xiaobo(Joe) Zhou and I won the gold in the mens recreational doubles , sucesssfuly defining our 2004 Rocky Mountain State Games title. And in 2005 Joe won the Gold in the mens recreational singles (so you can tell where the real skill was :-) In 2006 I improved a good bit (winning metals on my own), thanks to a table in the basement and a robot so I can practice (right). In 2007 I again won double gold with Joe.

Terrance E. Boult
El Pomar Chair of Innovation and Security
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